If it wasn’t for me chatting with fellow pepper farmer and consumer Dave, I wouldn’t have had grabbed this photo. Almost everytime he shoots a message to me Friday night, we spend a good hour talking about food, what we’re eating for dinner and sharing what we’re eating. I had snapped this to send him, which definitely piqued his interest.


Typically we don’t eat salsa with the pholourie, we use hot pepper and other sauces. But this particular time we picked it because it was easier. Strangely the hot salsa does complement the pea flour dish, so I would recommended it, as unorthodox as it is.

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My friend Dave sent these two pepper goodies to me after I swapped him muscadine grapes. He decided to start me out with “mild” stuff, which is starfish pepper sauce and habanero pepper dust. I was told I need to master these before I get hotter stuff to try.


Oh well. The sauce does work good with pholourie, and the dust works nicely with flavoring fried eggs. Mom especially uses the latter.

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