christmas tree

For the past 5ish years I”ve only had tiny, $10 bargain trees in my space. From my apartment to my bedroom, I had always resigned myself that I won’t get a full tree till I was living out on my own. This particular year I was given a partial gift of getting a tree for myself, as my room was now finished building.


The tree isn’t anything too special; just something that was on sale at Lowes. But the fact I could hang my own ornaments, decorate it how I like and not run out of room, it was real amazing. The best part was that I had a holiday theme in my office workspace, and I had a festivities-themed location I could retreat to. Often the family tree is in a messy location or there’s not a spot to sit, so this got around those difficulties quite well.

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For the first time since I graduated from college, I broke out my Bamboo tablet to try to work on something; a commissioned fanart of Michiko when I had just started the project. I managed to fit my Christmas tree on the desk, and had plenty of room to fit what I needed. It’s good to be home for the holidays; work has been nonsensical and stressed the past two months.


I’ll upload a completed image of that work when I get it done.

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