This was an art piece that was supposed to get done near Christmas, but got delayed for various reasons. However, I’ve had doodled a connection I knew back in 2017, specifically drawing her with attire from the Janus Fairytale setting. I took this a step further and wanted to do a “mystery” piece to give as a gift for the holidays. Despite being late, I finally got this done either rate!


I was real happy with the background and the lighting, it’s been a bit since I did something that was foreboding but not directly spooky.


You can check out said connection, who’s name is Sandra Shuman! She does art coaching stuff and does a lot of interesting things. Do check her out here.


Lineart courtesy Christina Weinnman.

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I can’t believe I’m the only one in the family that sees these things, and decides to take a picture of them. But here you go. When we visited a meeting to get Internet in rural places outside of Atlanta, I found this in the tree next to the entrance door. Dad scolded me for taking the photo, but I knew that was the 2nd highlight of my trip to catch that nonsense. Someone noticed!

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