This fantastic piece showcases an alien species I’ve had in my head for use in Dawnstar for awhile now, known as the etka. These turtle-like aliens have a very tortoise-like appearance, and have one extra set of limbs to use as arms. They are very versed in laser and plasma weaponry, and cannot speak actual words that humans can understand; hence the translators grafted onto their heads. They lay eggs and are quite adept to climbing with their four feet.


The male is on the left, with the female on the right.


I’ll do a more detailed writeup of these guys one day. Only time will tell.


Lineart by Christina Weinman. Coloring by me.

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While traveling with my Dad back home to Tennessee, we stopped in at a Waffle House near Lake Park, Georgia I think. I got some eggs and hash with mushrooms and cheese, along with their trademark coffee. It was quite enjoyable, and not bad for a first meal there (yes, that’s the first time I ate there!)



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