I’ve yet to find the full Lacus Clyne figure of her normal outfit for less than $100, but I snagged this on an online sale recently; Lacus in a spacesuit! She’s a bit bigger than most of my other Gundam figures, and I love her pose. Too bad she can’t stay on the desk, though.


Either way, girls in spacesuits equal win. Definitely don’t regret this snatch.

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Some more bagging of fan merchandise while scrounging eBay. This is the version of Ruri from the Prince of Darkness movie, and I really liked it because she had this mature, collected version of herself. But at the same time, she had that sliver of curiosity and longing for her friends that she had from the first anime.


I know about the character a bit, to say the least. She’ll definitely be heading off with the rest of my stuff in my final move to ETSU.

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