destiny 2

This is a continuation of me and my brother going through the Destiny 2 campaign. I don’t remember when exactly we did this, but it was early January 2018 sometime. But we’ve finally reached Io and are encountering the Taken.

Also apologies if the audio is off a fraction of a second. This is something with my graphics card and I’ll be remedying with an upgrade soon. Thanks to people bringing it to my attention.

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I dug into my backlog and decided to put up another part from one of my previous game playthroughs. I know its ages and I apologize, I’ve barely recorded or even done any recent videos this year. Work has been my previous focus and it’s easier to do comics since that only takes an hour or more to make a week.

Still, enjoy. This is my brother and I going through the Destiny 2 campaign. We finally hit Io at this point and encounter the taken. Spooky stuff.

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Here’s something new! This took me a bit to render and get together. My brother and I tackle Destiny 2 after getting a bundle sale over the holidays.

I do apologize for a section where I kept falling; I did think of editing out but it shows I’m not perfect at these things. Vex levels especially mess with me due to a real life fear of heights, so it’s always nerve-wracking when you take a jump.

Also would like to note this is the first time I ever played a Destiny game. 😛

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