A Teen’s Guide to Making Money Online

I’m pretty sure some of us have been where I was in 2009; early 20’s, not having much experience, wanting to know how to make money online but not knowing how, what to do, or scared of falling for a scam. Sound all too familiar?

Fortunately for you, I’ve weathered about eight years working online, having seen most of what happens and forming my own guidelines. Far be it that I’m a millionaire or someone rolling in dough; to paraphrase Spike from Cowboy Bebop, “I’m just a simple bounty hunter, ma’am.”

Aimed specifically at teenagers and college kids, this will brief readers on what to do and not to on the Internet to earn money. Aside from “go do this”, they actually explain and break down viable skills to know for doing business online. In the end you’ll have the method to go with the madness; but of course this is to help you make sense of that so it isn’t madness!

This book also features Yorina and Dyma in informative doodes. Both these sci-fi themed girls are “tutorial mascots” on the janeilh.com site. From fixing hard drives to what order you screw in bolts on an oil pan, this duo shows you how it’s done, walking you through with humor, witty comments and informative comics.


This will be released solely as an eBook available on Amazon, the iTunes store and my website, among other EPUB distribution services.


Most of the book is written, just needs to be finished up and edited. The illustrations are currently being drawn and take a good chunk of the entire production. Not much else left otherwise.

Estimated release

This book is estimated to be released early spring of 2019.