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In the rare instance, one of my prompts actually got responded in a Prompt Me post. In this scenario, I told them to write about my two clerics, and to play around with their accents. I didn’t specify which, and they ended up swapping it on the characters. They did a pretty snazzy job, I think!

Done on September 4, 2020.

This piece of writing is not my own, and belongs to the original poster.

OP is now deleted, but you can still access their original post.

I’m not sure anyone knows how much your ass starts to hurt after riding a horse for five hours straight. To say I was lost was a massive understatement. At this rate, the village is as good as ashes right now. I had to get off and try and figure out where in the wide world I was.

Tying my horse to a nearby tree, I hopped off and stretched my legs. I got my map out of the Traveler’s Pouch and picked up some dirt from the ground. Dropping the dirt revealed the wind to be blowing into me. I was facing south. They call it the North Winds for a reason. Now the hard part. I had no landmarks to see roughly where I was. It was all dense forest with trees taller than most city buildings. Then, I heard a noise. It sounded like talking. Other Knights? No no definitely another race. Elves? It wasn’t far fetched. I walked around a bit trying to locate the source of the talking. Eventually, I found it. There were two elven clerics, one dressed in blue robes and carrying a satchel. The other was a bit taller, dressed in more official brown and red robes.

“Good afternoon, m’ladies,” I said stepping through a thick brush. The two clerics turned to face me. The one dressed in blue spoke.

“Good afternoon, traveler. What brings you to this part of the forest?” She sounded very methodical in her speech. Caring, but careful.

“You wouldn’ happen to know where two‘f us could get some caaw-fee, would ja?” the other spoke. I stared blankly. The other cleric was speaking a tongue I couldn’t quite understand. Some words I was familiar with, but I had no idea what a “caaw-fee” was.

“I’m very sorry. My mother has been… afflicted with a curse for some time. We were traveling to a nearby village to get her some assistance.”

“Oh. I’m very sorry to hear that. I was actually trying to figure out where in this forest I am. Would it be too much intrusion to accompany you to the village?”

“Not at all,” the daughter replied. “We should only be a few more minutes away.”

“An’ then we get our caaw-fee?” the mother said.

“Yes, mother. Yes, we will,” the daughter said with an air of sadness. We began walking back the way I came, but turning some time to the left. Eventually, we walked out of the trees and into a meadow of sorts. Turning to my right, I saw what looked like a dirt road, but it was grey and smooth. Yellow lines ran through the center.

“What place is this?”

“This is New Jersey. The medicine lady we visited said to bring my mother here.” Then, we saw two humans, a male and a female, walking along a trail. The cleric’s mother spoke up?

“Hey, do you two know where we can get some caaw-fee?” The male spoke up.

“You know what? We was jus’ about to go get some caaw-fee. You should join us!”

“Yeah!” exclaimed the female. “We know the best caaw-fee shop in all of New Joisey.”

The cleric’s mother was eager to adventure with her new friends, but the daughter wasn’t going to let her mother go.

“Mother, we must get you help! I don’t know what I’ll do if you-” I put a hand on the daughter’s shoulder.

“Maybe… this is what the medicine woman was talking about. Maybe your mother belongs here.”

“No! I can’t leave my mother,” she pled. The mother turned to her daughter and smiled.

“Don’t worry! I’ll bring you back some caaw-fee.” The daughter began to cry. She pulled her mother into a long hug, and once it broke, the daughter wiped away her tears.

“Okay, mother. I love you,” she choked out, letting her mother walk towards the two others. She walked with her friends to a fate unknown.

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