Reddit WritingPrompts – Here’s Your New Life Partner

When I saw this WritingPrompt for being stuck with a life partner, I happily gave it a stab using my space pope archetype. Everyone was also “Umm, don’t know what to say”. Definitely had to change that trend.

It was a bit rushed, so my version here is a little fleshed out.

Done September 24, 2020.

Note: My writing for Reddit writing prompts is different for brevity. While this is a good example of my writing, I often omit backstory and several details to create a concise post. Please look at my other works if you’re looking for my more regular style of writing.

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I slowly blinked to existence. I saw a bunch of agitated couples about me, a female genie laughing her behind off. As I tried to waft the smell of smoke off of me, she noticed and glanced at a figure in front of me.

“And here’s your new life partner.”

The genie poofed into nothingness before I could say another. I was stunned for a brief minute, assessing my surroundings.

Aside from dozens of various freaking out couples, it reminded me of a fantasy version of those cityscapes I’d see on deviantART. I started to wonder about how I was going to get back to my old life, and what was my immediate future plans. However that didn’t stop me from regarding the person I had been ‘stuck’ with.

The woman in front of me had this hopeful look on her face. She looked like some kind of priestess, with a tall white fez hat and robes. Her long blonde hair screamed New Jersey cheerleader for some reason, which strangely didn’t make me feel quite displaced anymore.

“Um…hey there. Where am I?”

She smiled, coming within’s arms length of me.

“I believe this is the surreal city of Dorida. Though do not let it’s appearance fool you; it tends to take on the appearance of what’s inside your heart.”

Her voice had a cultured, proper aire to it. Not like posh British; probably that hint of an accent for someone who learned English as a second language, probably from the Mediterranean. Greek even came to mind.

I glanced around, quickly just running my hand to flatten my hair. I was in the middle of being outdoors building, and the last thing I was set to do was to talk to a woman, especially if she was supposed to be a life partner in another world. Maybe an older age jaded me and didn’t leave me silent.

“I see. Guess it kind of looks like a place that I’d see at in my imagination. That’d make sense.”


We were silent for a moment for once. Mainly taking in the sights and sounds for me. Awkward sure, but she was the first one to say something.

“I don’t suppose you have any extraordinary abilities? You look quite homely, to be frank.”

“Well, I don’t blame you. Sort of out of work, been stuck in a place I don’t belong. Never got to do what I wanted to do. I don’t suppose having common sense and partially predicting the future right counts as anything?”

“Perhaps. What would you have done if your heart desired?”

I was silent for a good moment. I knew the answer all too well, rehearsing it hundreds of time. I took a deep breath, eyes not focused on her.

“Well, I wanted to go to space, being a pilot specifically. First my eyes weren’t good. Then I was bad at math. Then 9/11 and the racist nonsense with my social life, despite having actually flown an aircraft in the training process. At that time I thought commercial freight pilot. Then I went to school for digital media. Now here I am doing yardwork because jackass employers laugh and tell me that “I ain’t local”, and I don’t have enough money to leave.”

Her eyebrows perked up.

“You’ve actually piloted aerial vehicles?”

“I did. I mean, just a single-engine Cessna with the old dials from the 70s, nothing too special. I got 30 or so hours logged.”

“I supposed you loved it, and/or had the aptitude for it? One does not commit to 30 hours to the controls of an aircraft on a whim.”

She started to walk around me, folding her hands together like some zen master. I quite liked the posture.

“The forgotten gem in the wrong place and time. Fascinating.”

The woman grasped me, turning me to face her.

“Tell me. What does your heart desire to take into the skies? Without a restriction, but you feel that you could manage?”

Now that was harder to give an answer. Fighter jets immediately came to mind, but something else left my mouth before I could stop myself.

“Well, there’s that new Boeing 737 MAX, with the whole glass panels and heads up display. I have a personal attachment to the 737 line, as that was the only airliner I could repeatedly put down in Flight Simulator.

Her eyes smiled, not just her face. She waved her hand behind me, gently turning me around.

The freaking out of the other couples stared to fade. We stood at the threshold of a hangar, spanking clean and bright white. Right in the middle was the very plane I described, polished down in that Boeing blue paint job. I could smell a faint ocean scent in the air, the weather mild and air a little heavy. Some big clouds loomed in the far horizon, but it was clear everywhere else. Almost perfect flying weather.

The woman grasped my arm, gently hugging it to her chest. I admittedly blushed as she merely followed me around. I was in awe, running my fingers along the shiny aluminum surface. The turbine intakes, gear, wing joint; she was a far cry from the prop I took to the skies in 15 years ago. I was almost sure she was new and delivery ready also.

“Does it please you?” She asked nervously.

“It does, but how’d you do that? Is that your genie friend at work?”

She nodded.

“My final wish was to give you something of your heart’s desire. Though I perhaps should’ve let you be more informed.”

I did inwardly groan, but then the thought that I owned a 737 did hit me. I might’ve just wished for a job or being setup in life instead. After all, who pays the fuel bill on this thing? Then the FAA checks and permits. Don’t even get me started on parking fees.

“Well, thank you. I know that sounds inadequate, but…”


I wormed out of her grasp, turning her to face me. She lip steeled a little bit in uncertainty as I grasped her hands, looking her over. Had some sense of decorum to herself, liked my airplane interests. No Southern accent or plus-sized body anywhere. I actually was attracted to wanting her around. I was willing to bet money she was intelligent.

“The past many years I wasn’t in a relationship was because of who was around me, and the inability to get out. If you just used your 3rd wish to give me something very important and then ended up with me for a life partner…follow through with it.

Be my partner. Occupy the front seat as I travel. Sidekick with me to the grocery store. Hear my dreams, ideas and secrets that I’ve been keeping for two decades because there’s nobody close to share them with. Poke me when I walk so I know I’m not the only soul in the middle of a parking lot.”

Admittedly that was probably too much for her to take in, but she gently gripped my wrists in affirmation.

“And…what if we are incompatible? Have you thought of that?”

“I did. Though I think that genie might’ve accommodated for that. You own dogs and eat ramen?”

“I am not a dog owner, which I believe is to your benefit. And Mother says it’s unhealthy, but…yes, I do indulge ramen at times.”

“Video games?”

“I can prod a few, though I think you have some more important things to have recreation with. Still, I believe I can ‘game’ with you.” Her eyes jerked to the 737.

“I guess I do. How about deviantART?”

She gave me a very mixed look, conflicted.

“I have been on deviantART, though you might find that the site you once knew is no longer the one you relate to.”

“That sounds about right.”

I glanced back at the 737, leading my new partner towards the jetway.

“Well, if you can use XD, sounds like we’ll be just fine. Come on, I’ve got 20 years of catching up to do, and the first thing I’d love my partner to do is right-seat with me in one of my dream planes.”

The blonde smiled widely, gripping my hand tighter.

That I’ll gladly oblige to. Come, let us depart.”

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