Egghead Girl – Gastropod Brazier Candle

On deviantART I was running a short offer to draw people’s sculptures with my character Egghead Girl, for free. One dude by the name of BassoeG took me up on my offer and asked me to draw some of his sculpted works. I was glad to, and I gave him two pieces.


This is the 2nd of those two pieces, with his Gastropod Brazier Candle. This was more fun to draw as I had a larger object to draw in relation to Egghead Girl, and it had some different texturing that I got to add. I also went a bit more open with Egghead Girl’s attitude, letting her do a more showy pose alongside it (varied pose, hiked skirts, etc).


Overall this was a fun thing to work on, and I’d love to give more sculptures from other artists this treatments if they’re willing to give me a shot.

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