Announcement: The Screaming Well Audio Dramatization

Hello readers!

Despite my ongoing situation of getting full-time employment in the IT/graphic design/game development field, I still plod away at my projects at some pace or the other. Some faster than others, some frequently hitting the back burner for weeks at a time.

This is one of those projects that went a bit slower, but thankfully was short so it wouldn’t take more than 6 months to complete. >.>;;

Before my can hitting the pavement for work in May, I had started a short but ambitious project regarding my Heather blog serial. An audio reading of the second entry, “The Screaming Well”. This one felt the most polished out of the two and one never-published draft. Primarily I was looking for someone to just read the story, but I decided later that a short dramatization would be possible if I had the right resources. The result? A near hour-long audio production.

Narrated by Christina Roberts (author of Revolutionary Rosanna), the audio drama features a small but wide cast voice talents. Chelsea Cook from the popular Youtube show Teens React voices the main character Heather, Angie Cillo from the podcast But You’re So Level Headed voices Janus, and Dolly (a lesser-known UK Voiceover artist) briefly lends her talent for Elizabeth. Last but not least, indie musician Plasterbrain, known for her work on the JelloApocalypse Youtube channel has even allowed us to use her song Shanghai Modal for credits music!

All of them come together to tell you this short installment of Heather’s story, a troubled girl who’s a lot more sensitive and aware to paranormal things around her. After repeatedly getting a premonition of a subterranean terror, she and her younger foster brother go investigate an abandoned well in hopes of finding “her” monster. However, they may be getting more than she bargained for.

(You can read the blog installment for yourself here if you haven’t already)

Despite the on and off progress due to my time still being eaten up in odd jobs and looking for work, the the project is 90% complete. All voice tracks have been laid, some music already placed and just needs a final polish and a few pieces added before release. It’s also hinging on some other stuff like completion of the album cover, two tweaks on my website to allow digital content and a couple blog posts like this one.

Snapshot of the near-complete album art for the thumbnail. Figure courtesy Christina Weinman.

Snapshot of the near-complete album art for the thumbnail. Figure courtesy Christina Weinman.

Release date is October 20th, and can be downloaded off my website upon release. You can grab a free 320kbps version if you sign up for my mailing list, along with a free copy of The Haunting of Rotherwood!

EDIT: Go ahead and grab it here!

I’m quite excited to get this out there, and it was great to work with these talented people on this project. I definitely look forward to working on something else with them in the future.

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