This is essentially a joke image, done in the style of a campy retro poster. I’m a bit off mark with the look, but it’s to the point that it carries the joke I think.


Long story short, I went to the Knox Asia Festival 2019 with a to-be relative of mine. She sported a 50’s style sundress for the occasion, looking pretty spiffy actually. However she got some curry on it, and somehow stained her slip in the process. Both of us were baffled but found this hilarious, and joked that the curry as some sort of monsters out of those old movies. Hence, the joke was born.


It’s something we still laugh about now and then, and I got her permission to put this together. Hope you guys get a laugh out of it.


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So when I went to the KnoxAsia festival with my cousin’s fiance, we grabbed food; after all, that was one of the best things you could ask for while at a festival. She had some butter chicken with naan, and I had stir-fry fried rice with chicken, and some zucchini strips. We had to wait quite awhile for our food (about an hour), but when we sat down to eat in the lawn, it was an interesting experience for sure.

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