More Skype doodles when talking to my sister. This conversation revolved around her being annoyed how something very abstract could be counted as art. I jokingly told her I could make an abstract art about monsters going “XD”. This was the final result.

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One evening while I was at my apartment, I decided to have a chat with my sister on Skype, listening to her trying to write some fiction. Some villainous character of hers was supposed to make a resurgence but it was failing spectacularly. He was made akin to the “Phoenix”, as he was supposed to make such a comeback having been defeated.


As you can see my mind sometimes goes off in different directions. I visualized this occurrence as such, and sent the doodle over. I don’t recall how exactly it was received, but the effort was noted, nonetheless.

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Just at the beginning of summer I did this for my sister; she wanted artwork of a character in a story she was writing, known as Scarlet Fury. So I drummed this up one afternoon.


I wasn’t too happy with how the feet came out, but I love the details I put into the background. She liked that about the piece as well, apparently.


Maybe one of these days I’ll actually get this colored. I don’t usually do full scenes.


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