Zelda: Is our new home not amazing?


Sheena: Yeah! The high speed internet! No cows in the backyard! The city!



As my time was winding down at my factory job, I was starting to spend weekends and occasional nights at my apartment to get the feel of what it’d be like living there. This was one of those times. While plodding away at the computer, randomly decided to pose my Sheena and Zelda figurines together and snap this.

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Some more bagging of fan merchandise while scrounging eBay. This is the version of Ruri from the Prince of Darkness movie, and I really liked it because she had this mature, collected version of herself. But at the same time, she had that sliver of curiosity and longing for her friends that she had from the first anime.


I know about the character a bit, to say the least. She’ll definitely be heading off with the rest of my stuff in my final move to ETSU.

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