prince of darkness

Thanks to a tad bit of surplus with my new job, I decided to hunt down some fan merchandise on my favorite anime besides Gundam, Martian Battleship Nadesico! I had found this silk-screen poster about a week ago, and was just surprised that someone in the US had it (most of the Nadesico stuff I see is overseas). Ruri-chan arrived in one piece and now sits on my bedroom wall, and belongs quite nicely to the decor!


I also was excited about this a bit, as this was my first silk screen poster at all. So go me, I guess.

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This was a fanart I churned out in the last week of December, hoping to give some sort of visual to go along with the Solaria Novus. I head teamed up with a bunch of people off of Youtube, and that’s what actually got me started to go down the path there to do things. Who knows? I can’t wait to see the final project done!


Either rate we have the main characters of the audio play; Ruri from the new Nadesico movie, Lloyd Nebulon from Lloyd in Space, Fillmore from his show’s sake. In the back is the old Normandy from the first Mass Effect game, given the Airport Mania treatment with the face for added effect.


One of these days I may color this. But for the time being, it’ll remain in its infamy the way it is; a sketch.

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