For NaNoWriMo this year, I’m rebooting my Vigilance setting, which was the first story I got my 50K word award in 2008. I’m not sure if I’ll reach the goal this year, but I have a pretty cool idea where to take it, and have a couple outlines done. I put this together from a sketch a week back, as an event that might happen in-universe! I think I need to actually do some proper art 12 years later on the setting, especially now that I at least use a tablet.


And while I was drawing this, did have this on loop for a few times. It certainly helped with the mood, and probably had an effect on the final product.

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Thanks to a tad bit of surplus with my new job, I decided to hunt down some fan merchandise on my favorite anime besides Gundam, Martian Battleship Nadesico! I had found this silk-screen poster about a week ago, and was just surprised that someone in the US had it (most of the Nadesico stuff I see is overseas). Ruri-chan arrived in one piece and now sits on my bedroom wall, and belongs quite nicely to the decor!


I also was excited about this a bit, as this was my first silk screen poster at all. So go me, I guess.

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