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Recently I decided to try cooking my ramen a bit more fancier than straight out of the pack, and got really creative recently. I got to this point this evening with my ingredients; soft-boiled egg, some cut up bits of Morning Star Buffalo Wings, mushrooms and green onions. All of that into the above-normal size soup bowl, it actually makes a pretty good dinner by itself.


I also made one of these for my brother, and he absolutely loved it, mushrooms, eggs and all (he typically doesn’t eat those ingredients, so it was a miracle so to speak). Apparently the selling point for him was that the spiciness of the Buffalo Wings leeched out into the ramen gravy, making everything very tasty.


I’ll get you a recipe on how to do this sometime, do stay tuned!

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I know this may not seem like much, but I decided to follow long-lost advice from an online denizen and put a soft-boiled egg in my ramen for “extra protein”. I suppose I was just stressed with the stuff with the house going on, and decided to try something new.


But back in my pre-ETSU days, this person who I’ll just refer to as Jade (because I honestly don’t remember her online handle anymore), recommended that I “Dump egg in your ramen for extra protein! XD.” I thought it was a silly idea for all this time, but while I’m not of the mind to dump in the egg while boiling, I suppose I can try it this way.


It really didn’t taste bad, and I think I’ll be doing this a lot more often. Maybe I’ll get adventurous and start dumping more ingredients, too.

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