The title of this prompt struck me a few ways, and decided to add a bit of intrigue and other stuff to it. It originally was meant to have more than one part, which I unfortunately was never able to finish. I’ll need to do that someday.

Done in October 16, 2019.

Note: My writing for Reddit writing prompts is different for brevity. While this is a good example of my writing, I often omit backstory and several details to create a concise post. Please look at my other works if you’re looking for my more regular style of writing.

Huschens is an Easter Egg nod-off to Angry Cops.

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I wrinkled my eyebrows at the person who interrupted me, clearly not enjoying be pulled away from my drink. It was Gunnery Sergeant Huschens; clean chiseled face, camo fatigues and a drill instructor hat. At first his voice sounded official and very commanding, but upon hearing me answer affirmatively, changed to that that half New Jersey accent, ushering me with an informal hand wave.

I sigh heavily, grabbing my cup of coffee and making my way across the hangar.

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Our adventure continues! Vash’na explains why she wanted to call starbase security on the hun. Some of her species backstory comes to light, and we get to the end of the introductory arc, ready to make their foray on Earth!


I had gotten some feedback from the guys at Anti-MLM Coalition with this panel, and had to cut on some of Vash’na’s species backstory. It honestly needs to be told to get a big picture of what’s going on, so maybe one day I’ll make a regular article then link it here. While this is set in a sort of alternate universe, the general history is the same.


Special thanks to Christina Weinman for the lineart of the 5th panel!


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