dual monitors

With my computer and room belongings packed away, I needed a proper workstation to work on while the house was being built. So I’m here with my mom’s computer for now; a good amount of the accessories were parts from my old Alienware rig, or gaming things I did buy her to soup up her PC (like the Death Adder Chroma mouse). She still could use a better graphics card, so I’ll have to fix that for her one day when I get back on my feet.


It’s not the best place to be in life right now, but I can at least do work in the meantime. And it’s air-conditioned, thank goodness.

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I came away with a lot of things from my ETSU experience. Some of these were negative and things I battle to this day, and a few were good things that has immensely helped me or changed my outlook on life. This is one of the latter.

As shut-in as it sounded, I never was aware or had the concept of a computer running more than one monitor. All the time in Walters State’s PC labs or my own computers, I’ve always seen one PC tower to one monitor. It didn’t help that there was only one display port on the back, either.When I had gotten my “last” Millenium project back in 2007, I was introduced to more than one display port on a computer; the DVI port. Still I only had one monitor to use with this. It wasn’t like I was curious to plug in two monitors like I would’ve done five years from that date.

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