This is another of those “grab a photo to show Dave what I’m eating”, which then works for all of you to see what I’m also eating. Win-win both ways.


On this Friday night I show you what’s for dinner, spicy dal and very well-made roti. It’s a simplistic but very tasty dish. There’s also some chutney in there for added tang; you can’t go wrong with this combination.


Suffice to say Dave was very pleased. He’s now claiming we need to mix bratwurst with roti and have a combination/cross-cultural cook off one of these days. That actually sounds very enticing.


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For tenders, this wasn’t bad at all! I gave a shot at a different chicken dish this evening, ending up with their signature chicken tenders. I got it slathered in Honey Hot, which almost tasted like BBQ chicken. Sides were mac n’ cheese, onion rings and fries.


This is actually one of the times that tenders dipped in a sauce tasted right. Almost better than KFC’s tenders I’d say.

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While I do stop at this place from time to time, most of the time the dish is a little bit of a mess. But Kichi’s in West Town Mall gives you a pretty good 2 sides/2 meat platter that lasts me about 3 mealtimes. Check them out when able.


Here I have lo mein noodles, sauteed mushrooms, honey chicken and bourbon chicken. Definitely good fuel for working in the evenings!

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It’s been awhile since I’ve treated myself to dinner, so I figured with actually getting out of the house this fall, it wouldn’t hurt to stop into Cheddars. Didn’t go too experimental this time around, stuck with the standard fare of onion rings, mac n’ cheese, mashed potatoes, honey dijon chicken, rice and mushrooms.


I do miss ducking into places like these nowadays.


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Recently I decided to try cooking my ramen a bit more fancier than straight out of the pack, and got really creative recently. I got to this point this evening with my ingredients; soft-boiled egg, some cut up bits of Morning Star Buffalo Wings, mushrooms and green onions. All of that into the above-normal size soup bowl, it actually makes a pretty good dinner by itself.


I also made one of these for my brother, and he absolutely loved it, mushrooms, eggs and all (he typically doesn’t eat those ingredients, so it was a miracle so to speak). Apparently the selling point for him was that the spiciness of the Buffalo Wings leeched out into the ramen gravy, making everything very tasty.


I’ll get you a recipe on how to do this sometime, do stay tuned!

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I was not getting a lot of hands-on experience cooking fish, but living on my own was putting preparing food more squarely on my shoulders. One afternoon I finally got an almost perfect mix of breaded, pan-fried tilapia. Flavored with paprika, pepper and salt, I absolutely loved this, considering the last time I attempted this as a disaster. As I’m moving out of my place next week after graduation day, this will probably be one of the last big meals I’m cooking here unless I can top this off with something else.

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