chinese takeout

For the first time this year, took the time to get takeout from my favorite joint in Greeneville. However, my contact wasn’t anywhere to be found; looks like she sold the place to someone different. Nobody even remembered who she was, which definitely let me know something was up.


Still, the food tasted as normal. Got my standard fare of scallion chicken, wonton, vegetable lo mein, ginger chicken wings, shrimp and spring rolls. While this will be helping with creative stuff tonight, I do feel sad that one of three people I knew by name in that town is gone, and without warning. Time will tell if I like how the place is run in the future.

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It’s been a good bit since I’ve eaten lo mein made with meat inside of it, and most of those times it ends up in disaster (usually being rancid). But on my outing to Orlando, we had Chinese takeout for dinner. I took shrimp lo mein with some chicken wings as my dish.


To my utter surprise, the entire thing was fantastic. The noodles were very tasty, the shrimp great and the chicken wings even greater. I unfortunately didn’t get to have them again before I left, but I highly recommend checking China Tea out, right in the Publix Shopping Plaza off of University Dr. I loved it so much, I’m even giving you GPS coordinates to go find them yourself. Enjoy.

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