Something I did at the expense of a friend. They were always being random and silly, and I decided to show them what their silliness does when plugged into a Java program. This was the result of that; the values are supposed to be only taken by numbers, but crashes when her “OMG ITS MREE” is typed in instead.


Sorry, you’re not getting your test scores, it looks like.


Also, the background of the command prompt window is white because the teacher wants paper printouts of your work. I’m not a neat weirdo or anything like that.

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Random nonsense I did on my tablet one evening for Anna, someone I had met back from Animazement 2008. We were both Touhou fans at the time and I decided to indulge her over AIM one evening with my rendition of how Suika typically acted. Don’t think I was too far off.

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