Dawnstar Visual Novel

Client: Self-development project URL: http://janeilh.com/projects/the-dawnstar-chronicles/

Dawnstar is a visual novel that I had concepted in 2011 during my tenure at ETSU. While I had a rough playable demo using the Ren’py engine with my own artwork, I wanted an official version to release to the public that was polished. I was able to commission an artist in 2014 to start working on this project, and been tweaking the game with an extended story since 2017. The game was accepted into the Steam Greenlight program in the summer of 2017, and is waiting to be pushed for release as soon as I finish developing the extended story.

I’m responsible for the game’s writing, design and development. Artists were hired for the art assets.

This game utilizes talent such as illustrations from Hannah Clark (the primary artist) and Christina Weinman, and features some music work by Kenny Chow.