This is artwork and projects specifically portraying my capabilities as a digital media freelancer. You can see examples of photomanipulation, vector flash programming and e-publishing work here.






Flash Programming

Shower Flash Interface

Andromeda Assault Stencylworks Game



Game Development

I’m the lead developer and programmer for the Dawnstar Visual Novel, which has been approved and Greenlit by Steam. Various aspects of game development skills are involved in its creation include programming, creative writing, illustration and project management. I’ve worked with coordinating artists and other professionals in getting assets during the development process.

Print Projects

While less in number to my eBook work, I’ve done print formatting for a few people. I also can do magazines if needed.

Magazine done for Publishing class.

Demo magazine done for portfolio


eBook Conversion Projects

I have done numerous eBook conversions over the course of working for various clients. A few notable projects I’ve worked on are listed below. A more comprehensive list can be found here if you need a track record of things I’ve worked on. Please contact me or look on Amazon for work examples.


Book Covers



Winston Bersch – Public Speaker



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