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Woke up to this lovely message this morning. I don’t blame her. After all, snow is involved.

Weeeee! Snow! Sno! Snooowwww! XDDD but it was too late 4 it 2 cancel classes… But 2day is my happiest day ever! XD weeee!<:o><:->>


I’ve always heard people talk about pranks and nonsense that people pull off from being at ETSU. I’ve never seen any of these pranks occur or their aftermaths. Just the tales from students a few years later.


This wasn’t the case.


On this particular morning while going to class, I spied this out-of-place traffic cone on top of a lamp near Lamb Hall. I have no idea how that got there, but that’s…creatively placed.

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I apologize if the photo is blurry, but I swiped this from my Mom; she caught this as I was boarding my car to head to my apartment, with m last load of precious items to permanently stay at my apartment. Class was the next day, so the earlier I left and got settled in, the better. I told my family goodbye and basically just left on the dot at 6PM. It was a very weird and strange feeling, and I had never felt so independent in my whole life.


It was bittersweet, but I had been longing such a chance since I was supposed to go to Walters State in 2005; and this felt like a new page, a new reset to try again. But for the most part, it felt a lot better and more solid than what was going on then. Like something right had at least happened.

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This was my last day of work today. While helping organize stuff in the shift, I put together this wooden block tower out of the space blocks that are used to pad the brackets. A guy on the other line tried to knock it over with a block he threw (which it resisted) and even the forklift guy tried to shake up the cage to make it fall down (which it only fell down partially!). Most of the folks there had a good laugh out of it, so there’s that.


ETSU, here I come.

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While I was on the fallout from all the friends I had, I had become strong in myself during the summer. That goes in varying degrees, but I took this photo one day while coming in after having gone for a run, snapping the photo. With me regarding Orion as a fighter/starship, I felt like a pilot pretty much. And the confidence showed; everyone both on dA and Facebook said I looked cool and collected. I wish the people I knew had the same thing to say; but hey, they’re not there, right?

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