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Okay, so this needs a little bit of explaining.


Back when I was taking Color Theory, we had to watch a movie called Exit Through the Gift Shop. While I’m not super artsy, it was actually an interesting documentary and I felt that it was quite compelling into showing the state of some pop art culture.


In the first part, a part was shown about a guy called Shepard Fairey, who made this campaign called Obey Giant. More or less it’s a simplified version of the face of Andre the Giant, often paired with the word “OBEY”. This was plastered around numerous places, even up to today. I spied my first variant of this icon in New York City on a billboard in Queens. I definitely felt “educated”, heh.


Well, lo and behold to my surprise when I saw this out in the wild at ETSU! This was little 2-inch square sticker, near their regular history museum on that path that ran near Gilbreath. It made me feel warm and fuzzy that someone was keeping up to date with the art trends.

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Again and again, I hit milestone with my iPhone. While I have taken pictures of my food before, it wasn’t really a thing in my mind till I had reread a portion of Margaret Mason’s No One Cares What You Had for Lunch. Yes, nobody cares, but she said to show rather than blog “Oh, I had fries for dinner.” This was more as a test photo if anything, but it would be the first of many as I slowly became comfortable taking pictures of my food.


Here, I was pretty sure this got taken because the Reeds non-alcoholic ginger brew looked like real beer, especially in the glass. Hmm.

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This screenshot off my iPhone pretty much summed up my night life when at ETSU; listening to Touhou doujin music, chatting in online friends from deviantART from Skype, and up at the middle of the night working on something. As you can tell, I was a pretty big fan of Yukari at the time.

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When I was attending Japanese class, someone had drawn this “Hurr Durr” meme on the board. Nobody believed me when I told them that someone had drawn this on one of the boards, so I took it upon myself to snap this picture to share with them via text. Good thing I did, because it’s partially historic; this was one of the few instances of ETSU showing its embrace of memes for the brief period it existed.

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So during our 2nd to last project turn-in, one of my classmates Victoria Harrell was quite bored while we were waiting for the teacher to check our work. This was a result of that; she took cookies she was eating and put them on her bag as if it was a “face”. I supposed the “mouth” are the bag folds on the bottom.

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Woke up to this lovely message this morning. I don’t blame her. After all, snow is involved.

Weeeee! Snow! Sno! Snooowwww! XDDD but it was too late 4 it 2 cancel classes… But 2day is my happiest day ever! XD weeee!<:o><:->>


I’ve always heard people talk about pranks and nonsense that people pull off from being at ETSU. I’ve never seen any of these pranks occur or their aftermaths. Just the tales from students a few years later.


This wasn’t the case.


On this particular morning while going to class, I spied this out-of-place traffic cone on top of a lamp near Lamb Hall. I have no idea how that got there, but that’s…creatively placed.

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