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Up till now, I’ve pretty much been flying solo, due to either gankers mainly. I recently discovered the Mobius PvE group, and when the new CG came up, got to play with other people for the first time! IT was definitely cool indeed.

Me (Python), CMDR Yip Sama (Vulture) and CMDR Sinxar (Imperial Cutter) form a wing and mix it up in the Andhrimi 6B Ice ring (Hazardous Resource area). We finally part ways as I head back to base, only to be bulldozed over by another Cutter while docking.

Not exactly sure when my original flight date was, but I’ll update if I find that out.

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I’m still not in an optimal spot to crank out all my stuff, but I did put together this short clip of me playing last Friday. I fell into graces with a 5-man stack on my team and joined up with them in the end. The short chat thing revealing who I was is a knee-slapper.

I’m sorry that Shadowplay messed up with this, one of mics weren’t muted and it recorded external audio of me giggling and typing. I’ve fixed this in future videos so please ignore. I also am looking for something to edit in 60fps. Do apologize for the small lag from the 30FPS.

I also would like to point out that I’m semi-decent with playing Mercy now and I know I have a lot more room to improve, but I do a lot better than I did two months ago. This is a huge jump compared to some of the montages over on my other channel.

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First time recording a “whole match”, which ended in disaster because of that dumb DDoS attack that kept happening. Nevertheless, we won!

This is an important match for me because its the only time that I had two strangers that didn’t know each other linked up. Every time I play in a group its pretty much a group of 3, or if its 4, the 4th person is someone that someone else knows (basically 2 pairs of people playing in that regard).


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