Gaming Playthroughs

Since I got Horizons, I have started out heading into the void to rack up ranking and data for Engineers, specifically Felicity Farseer. Here my jackpots are water worlds, so just made a montage of a couple of them when scanning, zooming in for a closer look.

I’m using the “Road to Riches” tool here, which will generate a profitable path for you to fly and scan high-value worlds:

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Here’s something new! This took me a bit to render and get together. My brother and I tackle Destiny 2 after getting a bundle sale over the holidays.

I do apologize for a section where I kept falling; I did think of editing out but it shows I’m not perfect at these things. Vex levels especially mess with me due to a real life fear of heights, so it’s always nerve-wracking when you take a jump.

Also would like to note this is the first time I ever played a Destiny game. 😛

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