Gaming Montages

Week 6’s montage is up! At this point I’m playing Mercy 75% of the time, not quite a Mercy main but getting there.

Also due to a recent conversation with my brother (Robuster), he’s allowing me to post his POTG’s on my channel as well. So you’ll see a few in this video, but I’ll upload his separately from now on.

Apologies if the blending isn’t too smooth, I’m not at my regular facilities this November.

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Hi guys, I’ve recently started to play Overwatch and am liking this game very much! I decided to take my recording software and start uploading some of my POTG and highlights. I have recently found out about this awesome boosting website for Overwatch. Check out these Overwatch top 500 boost, and try one out yourself. It has made the game a lot more fun for me and has helped my skill rating a lot. Do enjoy.

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