It’s about the 2nd week of classes here at ETSU, and I’m finding that I’m talking to my sister a lot more. Specifically online with Skype; even talking to my brother and sometimes my Mom. It’s been a real interesting experience.


I don’t know when or where it happened, but I got into the habit of trying to sometimes draw my sister’s colloquialisms that she’d mention. One of these was her complaining how she didn’t want to eat squash curry, saying how it was “looking back at her”. My mind got into work and produced this image.

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One evening while I was at my apartment, I decided to have a chat with my sister on Skype, listening to her trying to write some fiction. Some villainous character of hers was supposed to make a resurgence but it was failing spectacularly. He was made akin to the “Phoenix”, as he was supposed to make such a comeback having been defeated.


As you can see my mind sometimes goes off in different directions. I visualized this occurrence as such, and sent the doodle over. I don’t recall how exactly it was received, but the effort was noted, nonetheless.

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Random nonsense I did on my tablet one evening for Anna, someone I had met back from Animazement 2008. We were both Touhou fans at the time and I decided to indulge her over AIM one evening with my rendition of how Suika typically acted. Don’t think I was too far off.

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I may have not played Mass Effect, but I have a pretty good idea on what it’s about. And honestly, I love the storyline. But you know what’s even more better? Tales of Symphonia + Mass Effect.


With me getting into the swing of hopefully doing graphic arts or such this year at ETSU, I’ve upped doing art a whole lot more, in hopes to get more practice. As such, I decided to do an ambitious project; not only create a crossover fanart piece, but freehand it completely instead of draw on paper then transfer.


I’m using Corel PhotoPaint for the time being, as that’s what I’ve always used for all my digital art since 2007. But you get a good view of my layout for this project. Best of luck for me getting somewhere with this.

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I’m still fooling around with the Wacom tablet. I came to the point to try this; I guess I wanted to try making some sort of comics after seeing some fan ones on deviantART float around. It took me ages to come up with this; I think I need a new computer that doesn’t lag when I draw.

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This was a fanart I churned out in the last week of December, hoping to give some sort of visual to go along with the Solaria Novus. I head teamed up with a bunch of people off of Youtube, and that’s what actually got me started to go down the path there to do things. Who knows? I can’t wait to see the final project done!


Either rate we have the main characters of the audio play; Ruri from the new Nadesico movie, Lloyd Nebulon from Lloyd in Space, Fillmore from his show’s sake. In the back is the old Normandy from the first Mass Effect game, given the Airport Mania treatment with the face for added effect.


One of these days I may color this. But for the time being, it’ll remain in its infamy the way it is; a sketch.

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A little while back, someone I knew on deviantART was having hardware problems. They were getting quite behind on requests and even their personal work, and it was coming to a complete standstill. All because a mouse on their PC wasn’t working.


Since my parents had come back from their store, they had a ton of computer stuff sitting around, including obsolete desktops. I took a spare PS/2 mouse lying around at the time, mailing it across the country to them. Long story short, they were extremely grateful and were able to resume work once again.


In return, they drew Princess Kida, together with Raine Sage and Twilight Princess Zelda. The joke is that Kida lost some sort of bet, and such she has to take on a “kawaii” persona, outfit included. They drummed up the last part but I really enjoyed it.


This is the first time I got thank-you art for anything I had done online, so it was quite thrilling to know I was able to help someone out! You can check out the artist here.

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