Woke up to this lovely message this morning. I don’t blame her. After all, snow is involved.

Weeeee! Snow! Sno! Snooowwww! XDDD but it was too late 4 it 2 cancel classes… But 2day is my happiest day ever! XD weeee!<:o><:->>


I’ve always heard people talk about pranks and nonsense that people pull off from being at ETSU. I’ve never seen any of these pranks occur or their aftermaths. Just the tales from students a few years later.


This wasn’t the case.


On this particular morning while going to class, I spied this out-of-place traffic cone on top of a lamp near Lamb Hall. I have no idea how that got there, but that’s…creatively placed.

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When my cousin and I were heading back to his dorm in Governor’s Hall, we were going up the stairwell and ran into this scene. Medhavin effectively dubbed it as a “Goldfish murder scene”, as it looked like someone took a bunch of the Goldfish crackers and smashed them into the floor.


Whoever you Goldfish are, rest in peace.

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