So something happened on r/WritingPrompts about a month ago, probably a bit more time than that.

Apparently it’s now an issue that I post my artwork to their subreddit for Image Prompts. Specifically they have a rule against self-promotion, but mine has bananas of problems. Why, you may ask?

Well, they don’t like that my image has a watermark of a URL, and that URL leads to my website that has a “Shop” area.

They’ve told me that I can post the artwork without a watermark, or post a watermark that doesn’t have any identifying information to really find me online, or directly link to social media. The second mod that laid down the final ruling seemed a bit more understanding, but left it as that.

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So in my custom tabletop CoC game, I feature several of the cast from my Heather and Janus Fairytale settings. One of these is Maddie, Elizabeth’s sister. She helped co-manage a tavern by the name of The Nosy Ram, named after Fluff. She was a bit of a source of information for the players, who often visited her establishment.


One of her favorite things to do was to grab a chair and sit with the players, often flipping the chair and sitting backwards on it. A few of them found this hilarious, and the players associated this posture with the character. They also dubbed this after the famous “Riker Maneuver”, in which Will Riker sweeps his leg to it over a chair. So I decided to quickly draw this out for them.


One thing’s for sure; Janus and Heather have a pretty eccentric aunt. Pretty sure she makes Elizabeth facepalm quite a bit, too.

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I’m discovering a ton of footage I lost the past couple of weeks, including some old art recordings and footage from Orcs Must Die: Unchained. So those are queued pronto, as they’ve been sitting longer.

One week in September, I got quite moody after doing a few pieces of art. Mainly, hearing some people where I live talk about how “they hated flying” and didn’t want to go anywhere near an airplane with utter disdain. I guess when I took to my tablet that night, I wanted to show people who loved those things, envision who I’d be looking for in the future partner-wise, and backdrop that with a bit of sci-fi flavor. I even had the sidekick don the esteemed Azure Empyrea, which the cockpit did not do it justice.

There is a half-sketched prequel to this piece; I’ll share whenever I finish.

You can see the original piece here!

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So when I run my Call of Cthulhu Ellowwood flavored game, I often try to make artwork and such for the guys. They hit a milestone in which one of their original group had to leave (they had a new job IRL), and had a small respite after beating their objective of a major plot boss. This is all who survived at one of the player’s farm, with their NPC sidekick Caroline. I have a replacement lined up for them thankfully, and they’ll engage in main quest lines once they get a new player. So only time will tell.


I need to start drawing full scenes like this more often. Still evolving with the way I draw, but since January have been losing the will to actually doodle things. Hopefully it’s seasonal.

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One of the last bits of art from my first tabletop campaign. I actually did start this sometime in December of 2019, but with pandemic, the group quitting their play sessions and such, I never got around to finishing it. This night was the exception; while on voice chat with the ninja rogue from that same group, I worked on finally finishing this.


The journey’s been long over and it’s an interesting place to be 1 and some years later, but happy hunting, wherever your adventures will take you.

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I’m discovering a ton of footage I lost the past couple of weeks, including some old art recordings and footage from Orcs Must Die: Unchained. So those are queued pronto, as they’ve been sitting longer.

When I met my online buddy Wayc, I had created him a Kashri OC for him to use with stories, etc. In 2019 we had cooked up this sort of spoof of a zany 50’s story akin to the classic The Blob, so I was starting to do some artwork for him in a dump for inspiration. I had done more than these two figures, but these were the ones I supposedly decided to get footage of.

While that was for him and is not for public sharing, I can share the footage of what I’ve done at least!

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A few months ago, I had briefly run a text-based RPG for an online peep, which was mostly for December and some of January. While it ended later that month due to my own commitments, I figured I’d share at least what happened for your entertainment reading, as I’m not putting out as much writing as I should. It is a good 9,000 word tale, and covers through most of the first act of The Fall of Plaguestone, a Pathfinder 2e module.

This tale utilizes a conglomerate of all my Pathfinder PC’s to date, and was presented to the player as a sort of “lovable sidekick group” dynamic of an all-girl cast.

Left to right:

  • Liandra the fighter
  • Pri the bard/rogue
  • Marios the cleric/party leader
  • Yorina the cleric/alchemist/engineer
  • Sophie the divine sorcerer
  • Lillith the paladin
  • Keisha the primal sorcerer
  • Nora the NPC/sidekick.

The player’s character would’ve been featured, but he had no reference artwork, and wasn’t given too much to make official art of him (especially since this didn’t last too long). Fortunately, I had my DnD buddy Karomaz do this up based on his description. So you have some reference at least!

Lastly disclaimer: This player’s responses were edited for grammar and some clarity, due to their different writing style. As it’s a more informal reading out of an RP chat, I’ve edited his responses to at least be whole sentences and have commas, periods, etc. My responses have also been fixed with some tenses, as most were hybrid from talking to the peep in the moment.

Player’s responses are orange. This is written in a second-person point of view, addressing him with the details and story.

Sound good? Alrighty, let’s go!

(This first intro bit is the intro text of the module; it’s been provided for story clarity)

It has been three days since you left Elidir, climbing into the back of one of Bort Bargith’s wagons bound for the faraway Andoran capital of Almas. The smiling caravan master cut your travel cost to only a handful of coppers, so long as you promised to protect the wagons should any trouble arise. Fortunately, your journey through the hinterlands of Isger has been quiet, even if the ride itself has been far from comfortable.

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