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Soul of the Progenitors

A Homeworld Fanfiction

by Crobato

Originally posted August 29, 2004 – 5:41AM

Act. 2

18 years have passed since Radal Somtaaw returned to the Homeworld. During the years came a time of turmoil, the End Times, the times when the Prophecies were fulfilled. The Vaygr threatened to destroy Hiigara, and all of Hiigara stood at the brink of the End.

And yet, we all fought against Fate.

We launched the Pride of Hiigara. We united the three Hyperspace cores. With our hands, we recovered the Dreadnaught of Sajuuk. We stopped Makaan’s crusade and Karan S’jet became the Sajuuk-Khar, the Wielder and the Rod of Sajuuk, He whose Hands Shapes what is.

With the three united Hyperspace cores, the Eye of Arran was opened by the Key that was the Dreadnaught of Sajuuk.

The Gates were opened, and Peace has come to us. The Age of S’jet has begun.

And yet, not all was it seemed…

—Soran Gaalsien

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Landing Page | Act 2

Soul of the Progenitors

A Homeworld Fanfiction

by Crobato

Originally posted August 26, 2004 – 5:32AM

Act. 1 — The Graveyard of Taal-Shia

I write this under my name, Soran Gaalsien, about an event that came to pass. It began during the Dust Wars, and ended after the End Times, in the beginning of the Age of S’jet. It was an event greater than the discovery of Sajuuk, and the opening of the Eye of Arran. It was an event so great that the Sajuuk-cor herself asked that I must not tell it to anyone, but to preserve it in writing till one day, after so many generations have passed, so they could finally have the understanding. Had this story been known in the wrong time and place, it would have torn empires.

It began with a ship that ventured too close to the Outer Rim…

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Me: I don’t care! Give that hunk of metal everything we got! Bombs, missiles, I don’t care.

Does that include my insurance policy?
Yuvraj Sriram, during a Demonstar co-op game

This was something I did earlier in 2004. With my IGA universe, I had this idea of a prototype spaceship with a high-capacity engine. It was built with technology found in an alien crypt, and has the abilities to go to different galaxies.


It wasn’t too big of a ship, mostly mean for about 3-4 people to ride in. Over half the ship is power systems and engines. It isn’t geared for combat with light weapons, but it has an excellent defense shield.

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**Backdated for historical purposes**


Remember that spiffy game called Descent? With the ship flying around in the cavern shooting robots? I got a whiff of it and thought it was intoxicating. While I couldn’t play it at home, the memory stuck with me long after. And while I had barely been drawing things in MSPaint, one night I did drum this up on my parent’s IBM 65sx PS/2 system, and had forgotten about it till a diskette dump I did in 2014; a BMP fanart of Descent.


I had seen the game briefly in action at a relative’s house in Charlotte. And while I would die within ten minutes of starting Level 1, those gray hallways and that Spider Bot in the menu always stuck to me. While I’m pretty sure I might’ve drawn something on paper, I apparently did this in MSPaint as well. Why, I don’t know; but I did, and I did write and save it to a floppy disk to uncover all these years later.


As you can see, the imagination of a kid holds a lot of potential. They can remember certain things very well and vividly in those times. The cockpit may be well off, but I certainly remembered that double ring HUD. And I even got the ship design right in the shield window to some degree. Looking back at it decades later, I can’t believe it myself that I did ‘fanart’.

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