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For Frail, the first thing that came to mind was the baby cowbird I raised in 2008. The thing was real small and weak, and I became quite attached to it as it grew. It felt odd because at the time the pets we had never really wanted to be around me, and this hatchling would stay close and always be looking at me. So I think it the theme.

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This was one of my most favorite out of the entire Inktober prompts this year, Freeze! This was very easy to come up a concept with, and this was pretty much the pose I had in my head when I saw the name. One of my online buddies thought that a “buddy cop” comic or story in this style would be fitting; maybe I might pursue that down the line.

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“Crybaby is away!”


When Bait was the prompt, all that came to mind was that famous scene in Firefly where Malcolm dumped the decoy beacon to fool the pursuing military to follow. This is my own version of a decoy that a privateer might use in my settings, a bit more rough and run-down  instead of sleek military tech.

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Apparently a lot of people liked my Nora character from the last round of Inktober, so I figured I’d feature her again! Here she is just soaking up the night sky, with not a single thing on her mind. Sometimes people appreciate that kind of calm.


And while I went this direction, everyone in my circles seemed to draw mindless monsters or hollow creatures. Oops?

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In 2004,¬† Chris “Crobato” Robato worked on a massive fanfiction set in the Homeworld universe. It was well over 100,000 words, and was hosted on the now defunct RelicNews forum; a hotspot for all Homeworld fans in those days.

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I did this several days ago, but I didn’t want to show it till it popped up on Bozocow’s 24-hour Homeworld stream last night. And to my pleasant surprise, he did!


This is my take on the new figure that showed up in the official announcement trailer, which I am assuming is Karan (or at least another S’jet). I absolutely love the hair design, and she kind of looked all wise and ancient with a nice female touch, mixed with this space age tech such as the interface plug and light ring.


I’m getting better at full pieces! Though I need to stop taking 3 hours on something like this and work more efficiently.

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