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This piece was a big jump for me, because I pumped it out in one evening on my newly owned Cintiq tablet. I was so happy with how it turned out, though looking back at it I have a long ways to go to translate my better skills to the digital medium.


I don’t know where I quite got the idea for this, but the idea came from watching some recent Youtube videos from the Youtuber known as Markiplier. Specifically his playthroughs for the game Mad Father and Witch’s House. I guess that rubbed off from somewhere.

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While I’m getting into the hang of recording my Dawnstar lines, I grabbed this from Walmart the other day. He was pretty cheap (which is one reason I picked it up), and I could certainly use some more desk toys to decorate my workspace as I work here most of the time.


So I had some fun with him today, letting him pose with some of my recording gear on the desk. I think he’ll fit in right at home. No name as yet, though. Any suggestions?

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Doing some spring cleaning, and I thought I’d show you my hard drive stash before I give them to a better home. Most of these are parts I collected when I was at ETSU, and most of them don’t matter anymore as I don’t have cases. I’ve about only kept what’s important to me, so all these extra drives are getting listed on Craigslist for extra cash.


So bye, you guys. You’ve been pretty good to me.

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